The Google Maps features you’ve always wanted

The Google Maps features you’ve always wanted

When it comes to navigation apps, Waze usually takes first place. However, Google Maps is stepping up their game by adding two features that used to set Waze apart from the others. Recently, Google Maps users have found speed limit indicators, speed trap notifications, and camera notifications when using the application.

With these new features added, you will no longer have to guess what the speed limit is when traveling somewhere new. The speed limit of the road you are on will be displayed in the lower left hand corner of the navigation screen.

When you are using the app, the speed camera feature will show you all the known speed cameras along your route. Just like Waze, the app will send you an audible notification to alert you when a speed camera is close.

As of right now, users in the US, UK, and Denmark will only have access to the speed limit feature. The speed camera notification feature will only be available to users in the US, UK, Australia, Russia, Brazil, Mexico, Canada, India, and Indonesia.

Since Google conducts its Google Maps testing on Android products, Android users will be the first to have access to these new features. Luckily, iPhone users will attain access to the same features after they are finalized.

Written by: Megan Wiliams

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