Are you on your phone too much?

Are you on your phone too much?

Do you find yourself mindlessly scrolling through social media throughout the day? Did you know that spending an extended period of time on your phone can lead to health problems? Some of these health concerns include eye troubles and sleeping issues.

Thankfully, Apple has recently introduced a feature that allows you to analyze the amount of time you spend on your phone each day. You can also see which apps take up the majority of your time. After analyzing your screen time, you can easily set up usage limits for each application.

Apple is currently working on an iOS 12.2 update that will make this feature even easier to customize. Once this new update is released, you will be able to set a “Downtime” for each day. This will allow you to choose the date and time that your phone will prevent any notifications from showing up.

This new feature encourages you to take a break from your phone every day. The idea behind this is that when you are notified less, then you will be less likely to use your phone. When you implement “Downtime” you not only decrease your phone usage, but you also interact more with friends and family.

Written by: Megan Williams

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