The best weather apps for your iPhone

Normally, we rely on our meteorologist to tell us what our weather is going to be like for the week, but we don’t always have access to a TV to give us the newest update. You may be tempted to download the first weather app you find in the app store, however this would be a mistake. Luckily there is a list below telling you exactly which weather apps are the best.

#1. Dark Sky

Dark Sky is the best weather app you could possible choose. It’s not free (it costs $4), but this app provides you with all of the best features. The main reason this app is the best, is because of its visuals and minute-by-minute visuals. This app allows you to get a forecast up to an hour in advance and shows you hourly increments for the next week. Dark Sky is easy to use so you can see the weather conditions and temperatures. You can even set up notifications to notify you before it starts raining or snowing.

#2. AccuWeather

AccuWeather is simple and comprehensive. You can see any type of weather information with this app. This app allows you to see minute-by-minute forecasts up to two hours in advance. However, you can only see hourly conditions for up to 3 days in advance. The best part of this app is its extended information. You can see information regarding sunrise and sunset, allergy conditions, and news and video pertaining to your weather cycle.

#3. The Weather Channel

The Weather Channel is a free app so of course it’s going to be one of the best ones. It changes according to your location and then provides you with the current weather and hourly weather for that specific area you are in. You can even see forecasts up to 15 days in advance. You can also turn on notifications so you are notified of severe weather near you. This app also tells you about allergy conditions, the best time for running, and other outdoor activities.

#4. RadarScope

This app may not tell you what the temperature is or what the forecast looks like, but it will provide you with the best looking radar possible. RadarScope gives you an in-depth look at the radar when it updates every six minutes. Storm warnings are even placed on top of the radar for your convenience. Thanks to this app, you can also see radar statistics like velocity, precipitation estimates, and more. This app does come at a cost though. The simple version of RadarScope will cost you $10 a year, but you can also subscribe to the more in-depth version for $15 a month or $100 a year.

#5. Haze

All of the apps listed above can become complicated at some points. What do you download if you want a simple weather app? The answer is simple, you download Haze. Haze provides you with an easy straightforward five-day forecast that only gives you information about the important stuff. You will see the temperature, highs and lows for the day, UV exposure, cloud coverage, sunshine hours, sunset times, windchill, windspeed, humidity, change of rain, and more.

#6. 1Weather

This app by far has the best display option. There is a lot of information that you can access through 1Weather, but it displays it in a simple form that will not overwhelm you. You will have access to an hourly forecast for the next two days, an extended 10 day forecast and a 12-week forecast. You can even track the weather for up to 12 different locations. This may seem like a simple map, but you also gain access to radar maps, graphs, and moon phases.

#7. Carrot Weather

The name Carrot Weather seems kinda funny for a weather app, right? Well, that’s the point! Carrot Weather has combined humor with weather to bring you updated weather forecasts. You will experience witty dialogue, achievements for experiencing specific weather conditions, and a time machine that allows you to see weather conditions up to 70 years in the past. Even though it costs $5, Carrot Weather will bring you the most joy you have ever experienced when checking the weather.

Written by: Megan Williams

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