The best features of iOS 12

After three long months of testing, Apple finally released iOS 12 to the public! I’m sure you have been exploring this new update trying to comprehend the redesigned apps, and new features. But have you figured out Apple’s hidden features of iOS 12? Don’t worry if you didn’t know they were there because I am going to tell you everything you need to know about every single one.

#1. Performance and battery life

You may or may not have figured out that the new iOS 12 update has a major impact on the battery life and performance of your phone. The older your iPhone is, the bigger the  impact will be on your phone if it is compatible with this update. According to Apple, some iPhone models will experience a speed boot of up to 70% after updating their phone. On top of this speed boost, there are some things that you cannot see that will also improve. However you need to be aware of when you update your phone. This is because right after you download the update, the new iOS version will have a lot of work to do to update your phone and this will cause your phone to experience a low battery life. Fortunately, once everything is complete, you will not experience the low battery.

#2. Password autofill

iPhones have had the ability to save passwords or specific website, but in the past this has been a frustrating feature. Luckily with the new update, iPhone is using third-party password managers to make this much easier. These third-party managers will automatically fill in the login credentials for websites and accounts without the need to open these apps. To turn on this setting, go into Settings and then into Passwords & Accounts and then to AutoFill Passwords to give your password manager access. Then the next time you log into, there will be an option pop up for your password manager to enter your login credentials for you.

#3. Siri shortcuts

Unfortunately the siri shortcut is not automatically included in the update, but it is very easy for you to gain access to. The first thing you have to do is download the Shortcuts app from the App Store. Downloading this app will allow you to create any shortcut you wish to have. This app also has shortcut suggestions to get you started.

#4. Search by lyrics in Music

One of the worst things is remembering lyrics to a song, but not knowing what the name of the song is. However, thanks to the new iOS update you can now search the lyrics you remember in Apple’s Music app and the song will show up.

#5. Siri translations

In the past, Siri has been no help when it comes to translating between different languages. Thankfully, iOS 12 gave Siri the ability to translate words and sentences between more than 50 languages.

#6. New do not disturb options

The Do Not Disturb option is by far one of the best features of iPhones. You probably didn’t think it could get any better, but it did. The new options allow to enable Do Not Disturb for specific time periods or until you leave a certain location (like the movie theater for example).

#7. Mute notifications

The Do Not Disturb functions is awesome if you want to turn off all of your notifications for a certain period of time, but what if you only wanted to mute some notifications? iOS 12 gives you the ability to mute notifications for a certain app just by simply swiping on a notification. Tap the Manage button and select “Deliver Quietly” to mute the notifications. Muting the notifications will still allow you to get notifications from an app but they will show up in the notification center without being accompanied by a vibration or noise.

#8. Two-factor authentication assistance

With some two-factor authentication options, you have to copy and paste the verification codes from Messages to the app you are logging into. The iOS 12 update has made this much easier by providing you with the assistance of automatically copying and pasting codes from your messages to the app.

#9. Second face in Face ID

With the previous updates you have been allows up to five different finger prints for the touch-ID and only one face for the face ID. Luckily, Apple added a second face option for Face ID. Go into Settings then Face ID & Passcode and then tap on Set Up an Alternate Appearance. This will allow you to set up an alternate face identification for your phone.

#10. Live listen for AirPods

Are you hard of hearing, but find it difficult to listen through your AirPods? Thankfully Apple has created a new hidden feature that will make it easier for you to listen clearly. Go into Settings then into the Control Center and then into Customize where you can add the button called “Hearing”. When you tap on the button while your AirPods are connected, it enables a new feature called Live Listen that turns your AirPods into hearing aids!

Written by: Megan Williams

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