How to save money on ebooks and audiobooks

How many of you enjoy listening to books while you’re in the car? With all the new technology, you can now take books with you anywhere whether that’s on your phone and listening to them in your car. Unfortunately, these books are usually expensive because you have to download them to your phone. Thankfully, Walmart is partnering with Rakuten to give you a whole new website featuring e-books, e-readers, and audiobooks called Walmart eBooks. This website will give you access to over six million books, Rakuten’s Kobe e-readers, and a subscription-based audiobooks service.

The best part about this new website is you only have to pay $9.99 per month compared to $14.95 per month for an Amazon subscription. Another great thing about this that it’s available to download. You won’t need a specific Kobe e-reader to read or listen either. All you have to do is download the app.

To help launch this new app, Walmart is providing ways for you two save money. The first way is you will receive $10 off an e-book or audiobook purchase as a new customer. Another way you get to save money is you can try Walmart’s audiobook subscription service free for 30 days.

Thanks to Walmart, you now have access to your favorite authors for cheaper. All you have to do is download the app and get started. What book will you read next?

Written by: Megan Williams

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