The Best Features in iOS 12

A few weeks ago, Apple released it’s latest update, iOS 12, for iPhone and iPad operating systems. iOS 12 is important because it introduced several new features and improvements. With all of these new improvements, it is hard to know which ones are the best and which ones will be the most helpful to you. Below is a list of the most notable features new to your phone.

New and updated apps:

With this new update, Apple introduced several new interfaces for apps that were already included on your phone. The Stocks app received a complete overhaul to include Apple News stories so you can simply tap a stock and see the related news stories.

Voice Memos is another app that received a new interface. With this new interface, Apple has made this app into a first-class app for your iPad. Before the update, Apple products had an app known as iBooks. Well now with this update, iBooks is now referred to as Apple Books. Not only did the name get changed, but the app also went under renovation to focus more on discovery and organization.

The News App also received an update that focuses on creating a better experience. This app also now has a better reading experience on iPads.

Your camera was also updated through iOS 12. You can now use your camera to measure objects. It uses drop points in the room to give you accurate measurements. It can also do 3D measurements.

iOS 12 also provides a safer Safari experience through password help. When you create a strong password, it will immediately be stored in your keychain when you sign up for new accounts. A new password reuse auditor will also tell you if you have used a password on more than one site. You also have updated blocking capabilities. Another new feature is in the Apple Music app. Thanks to the iOS 12 update, you can now search songs using lyrics on Apple Music.

If you own an iPhone X or newer, you will also experience changes within your Messages. You now have access to four Animoji, which is Apple’s customizable option to create an emoji that looks just like you. You also have the ability to record an Animoji for up to 30 seconds.

Photos also went under some major improvements thank to iOS 12. You now have the ability to search for photos by general map location, by a specific building, or by a specific location.

Digital Health:

With the new iOS 12 update, you now have access to something called Digital Health. This updated included changes to Notifications and Do Not Disturb. You now also have the ability to track the amount of time you spend on your iPhone or iPad.

Do Not Disturb created the function to allow you to turn off all lock screen notifications during your bed time. This would mean that when you look at your lock screen when you first wake up, all of your notifications will not be there, but will appear in the Notification Center. You also not have the ability to turn on Do Not Disturb for a single hour until a certain time or “when I leave this location.”

Notifications are now grouped by app, which will clean up your notification screen. When you have several notifications from one app, they will all appear stacked together. When you want to access those notifications all you have to do is tap on the stack of notifications you want to access.

When you open Settings and tap Screen Time, you can then see the amount of time you have spent on your phone and which apps you have spent the most time on. You can see breakdowns of you screen time for the day or for up to the past week.

Another new feature iOS 12 has introduced is the ability to set up App Limits. This allows you to limit the usage of a specific app. You can also set up Downtime periods, during which only apps you choose will be available. You have the ability to override those limits for one time per day.


iOS 12 has definitely made some great improvements to the security of your phone and apps. When you have created a new account, you have the option to tap on “Strong Password.” This option will generate a strong password for you and automatically store it in your iOS Keychain. Once that is complete, it will auto-fill your password for you.

Another new feature is the security code autofill. If you receive a 2-factor authentication code in a text message, the update will automatically fill the filed for you. You can also ask Siri for passwords and be taken to the entry in Keychain to obtain it.

If you own an iPhone X, you will find improvements to Face ID. You now have the ability to create an “alternate appearance.” If you commonly have a different look that throws off Face ID, you can create a second appearance with whatever is changing your appearance. If you Face ID fails, you now have the option to swipe up to rescan your face.

Siri and Shortcuts:

With this new update, Siri can now work in Low Power Mode, she can control the flashlight, and she can turn on the locator sound on multiple iOS devices.

Since the update, Shortcuts has been created into its very own app. You can now add Siri phrases that will trigger the shortcut you have created.

Written by: Megan Williams

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