CarPlay now supports Waze thanks to iOS12

The popular Google-owned mapping app, Waze, used to only be available through your phone. When driving someplace, you would be forced to look at your phone when driving. However, looking at your phone for directions only distracts you which could lead to an accident that could have been avoided. Thanks to the new iOS 12 update, you no longer have to worry about being distracted while driving.

The iOS 12 update introduced this completely new feature that allows you to access any third-party app through the CarPlay interface. This update not only allows for easier use, but it also cuts down on distracted driving. When using CarPlay, you now only have to look at the screed displayed on your dashboard, instead of looking down at your phone.

Waze is a popular app because it provides not only detailed directions, but also details on traffic, construction, crashes, and any other issues you may encounter on the road.

Even though Waze is one of the most popular apps used for directions, CarPlay also supports other apps like Google Maps or Apple Maps.

To download Waze, visit the App Store where it is available for free.

Written by: Megan Williams

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