Easily memorize speeches and presentations

Memorizing things is hard enough, but when you have to memorize a speech or presentation, that is even harder. Like everything, practice makes perfect, but it is hard to practice your presentation when you don’t have a friend around to listen to you. Practicing on your own can lead to leaving out information, slipping up your phrases, or not memorizing the presentation at all.

To help with memorization the app Memorize By Heart was created for iOS users. Once you pay $0.99 you can copy and paste your text into the app to test your ability to memorize what you have written. The app will selectively remove letters or words from your text and have you fill in the blanks.

You can also use this app as a listening device. For this function, you will recite your presentation back to the app and it will show you a percentage score of where you are in the process of memorizing the text.

If you are feeling overwhelmed with a lot of speeches and/or presentations, this app can handle “unlimited memorizations.” No matter what you have to present, this app can help you confidently prepare for whatever you have to handle next.

Written by: Megan Williams

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