The best calendar apps to help you organize your life

With all the different obligations we have these days, it’s hard to keep them all in order. It’s easy to mix up the dates of appointments because we have so much going on. You can write down the dates of a doctor’s appointment, but then you misplace the sheet of paper and forget when your appointment was supposed to be. Keeping track of our daily obligations is vital to getting to our appointments on time. In this article, you will find the ten best calendar apps that you can download to help you keep your life on track.

#1: aCalendar

aCalendar is by far the best app because it’s easy to navigate, it provides easy organization, and it has some amazing extra features. One of the extra features this app provides is the ability for you to choose a specific color for each different type of appointment/obligation you have. aCalendar also allows you to swipe across you to change the display mode between month, week, and day. Another great feature of this app it its ability to sync with your photos to remind you of birthdays, anniversaries, or any other special dates. The simple aspects of this app are free, but you do have the option to pay $4.99 for even more features.

#2: Cal Calendar

Cal Calendar is an easy application available for Android and iOS users. This app is also completely free for all users. Cal Calendar was created by the development team of Any. do. Since it was created by the same company this allows for the exchange of information between the two apps. This app allows for the easy setup of events and depending on the event you create, will automatically sync with contacts and geological data.

#3: Business Calendar

Available for Android users, Business Calendar is the best app for you if you wish to use it for work purposes. With this app, you can change the display of the calendar between day, month, year, and event. You can also organize your events based on the color. One useful feature of this app is the multiple-day viewing mode it has where you can look ahead to see what the next few days hold. Looking at a single day allows you to look in a more detailed form. You can easily plan things down to the hour. If you pay $4.99 for the full version, you can import and sync information between other calendars, delete, copy, or move several events at the same time.

#4: CalenGoo

CalenGoo may be an old application, but it is incredibly reliable and allows you to access all of the features with ease. This app provides multiple settings, different colors, and events that allow for easier organization. After downloading this app, you can also use Google Calendar and Evernote and sync between the multiple applications. One helpful feature is the ability to set up reminders for tasks and appointments. CalenGoo is available for iOS users, but it is also compatible with Android devices.

#5: Calendar Widget: Month

Calendar applications can be extremely helpful, but they also take up space on your phone that you may not have. To solve this issue, Calendar Widget: Month was created. The best part of the widget is the 80 or more calendar themes you get to choose from. You can choose a theme according to the theme of your phone. However, the drawback of this widget is the limited space that it has. All this app allows you to do is simply plan your tasks for that month.  This is available for Android users.

#6: DigiCal Calendar

Available for Android users, DigiCal Calendar allows you to sync all of your calendar apps into one. This app also gives you a plenitude of design themes to choose from. It may only have the basic functions of a calendar, but it does have support for Google Calendar and Outlook. The best part about this application is its ability to show you the weather for three days.

#7: Google Calendar

Google Calendar is available for Android and iOS users, but it is automatically on an Android phone at the time of purchase. This app is extremely easy to use and it is constantly being updated. The best part about Google Calendar is that it is directly integrated and synchronized with other Google services.

#8: Jorte Calendar

Jorte Calendar provides different design options along with different display modes. You can choose to view your calendar by month, by week, or by day. You can easily create tasks and set reminders using this app. This app also supports Google Calendar which means you can import other dates and tasks to Jorte Calendar. It is available for Android and iOS users.

#9: SolCalendar

SolCalendar is the best calendar apps all wrapped up into one. You have the availability to use the basic calendar functions or you can purchase more advanced options. One of the best features of this app is its ability to show the weather forecast for a specific day. It’s available for Android users.

#10: Today Calendar

Available for Android users, Today Calendar provides a new and edgy look combined with easy navigation. Don’t let the bold colors of the app intimidate you because it’s extremely easy to create tasks for the day ahead. The best part of this app is that it doesn’t take up as much space on your phone as other calendar apps do. You will still have plenty of space on your phone after you download this app.

You may have been intimidated by all the different tasks and appointments you had going on, but now you can easily keep track of everything. With the best ten apps listed above, you can now choose which one would work best for you.

Written by: Megan Williams

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