How to watch NFL games without cable

It’s hard to watch all of the NFL games, but it’s even harder when you don’t have cable TV. Nowadays, people have gotten rid of their cable TV provider to ditch that extra expense and save money. With Netflix and Hulu taking over the TV world, it makes it even easier to get rid of your cable. But, getting rid of cable means it’s harder to watch your favorite team on the big screen. Listed below are the best options to watch the big game AND some of them even have more channels available than just sports.

Sling TV:

Sling TV is an option available from Dish, which is live TV streaming through the internet. This option can easily take the place of your cable and it’s only $25 per month with no contracts. Sling TV has all of the best NFL channels including NFL Network, RedZone, Fox Sports, FS1, FS2, ESPN, and so much more.  The best part about Sling TV is that you can take it with you everywhere by simply logging in on your phone, laptop, tablet, computer, or even a web browser.

Yahoo! Sports (and other mobile apps)

In 2018 Verizon solved the crisis of being able to watch the NFL without a payment. This year, Verizon Wireless signed a major deal with the NFL that lets anyone watch the NFL games completely free regardless of your mobile carrier. All you have to do is download the Yahoo! Sports app for your smartphone. It’s as simple as that.

PlayStation Vue:

Another option for NFL streaming is through the use of your PlayStation Vue. It does cost money, but it is definitely less than what you would pay for a cable service. Plus, you automatically get access to ESPN, NFL Network, and more. It’s pay-by-the-month which means you could choose to only pay for this during the NFL season. For the basic package, you would pay $29.99 per month and gain access to ESPN. If you wanted access to the NFL Network, you would pay $34.99 per month.

NFL Game Pass:

With this option, you get to watch nearly every NFL game, but only AFTER they air on TV. This means you will not be watching the NFL game live, but after it has already ended. However, the wording on this website can be confusing so you need to be careful when signing up. This option will allow you to watch the pre-season games live, but once regular season starts, they will be on-demand only. A unique feature to this option is the use of the “condensed” versions of the games. You can watch the NFL games without commercials or timeouts. NFL Game Pass gives you access to highlights, analysis, coach films, and access to years of previous games. This costs $99 for the whole season or you can separate this payment into four smaller payments, one for each month of the regular season.

YouTube TV:

For only $35 per month you gain access to all of YouTube’s live TV, on-demand video, DVR features, and more. This will give you access to almost every channel. The downfall of YouTube TV is that you will encounter lost of regional restrictions while trying to watch games.

With all of these options available to you, you have no reason to fear about missing the NFL season.

Written By: Megan Williams

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