Online Advent Calendars That Are Free to Use

If you love getting into the Christmas spirit, then you need an Advent calendar.  Advent calendars are more than just counting down the days until Christmas. They help you truly remember what the Christmas season is about. The list below includes calendars that you can create yourself and ones that are perfect for children. You have the ability to download each Advent calendar app below so you can take the spirit of Christmas with you wherever you go.

#1. Musical Advent Calendar App

If your favorite part about the Christmas holiday is the music, then you will love this calendar app. This Advent calendar app is completely free to use and gives you 25 pieces of classical music, one for each day.

#2. National Museums Liverpool

This Advent calendar is one you can access from the web. The National Museums Liverpool was first created in 2016 to help the city of Liverpool embrace Christmas. Each year, they choose a different theme for their calendar. This year, they chose women as the concentration because it has been one hundred years since they passed the Representation of the People Act. To access this calendar, all you have to do is search National Museums Liverpool advent calendar.

#3. Santa’s Advent Calendar

You can access Santa’s Advent Calendar by searching If you wish to teach your children and/or grandchildren about the Advent season, then you need to choose this calendar. They have the opportunity to learn about Advent through games, puzzles, and other surprises. Any child will have an enjoyable experience of learning about the Advent season through the games that are provided.

#4. The Advent Calendar by the Jesuit Ministry Loyola Press

The Jesuit Ministry Loyola Press provides you with the perfect Advent calendar to help them appreciate the days leading up to the Christmas holiday. This Advent calendar helps any adult remember the true meaning of Christmas. If this calendar sounds perfect for you then you can search The Jesuit Ministry Loyola Press Advent Calendar for Adults.

#5. Global Advent Calendar

The Global Advent Calendar gives you an interactive experience by sending you emails with images and prayers that are different each day. You have the ability to share your responses on social media using the hashtag #AdventWorld. To participate in this Advent calendar, search The Anglican Communion’s Global Advent Calendar.

#6. It’s a Shape Christmas

This Advent calendar takes on a different approach by using shapes. It looks like a normal Advent calendar, but once you click on the corresponding date, you will be given a free piece of artwork to download onto your iPhone or iPad. Each illustration is designed around a specific shape and Christmas.  If you wish to access this Advent calendar, then search It’s a Shape Christmas.

#7. MyAdvent

If you are a creative person and wish to design your own calendar then MyAdvent is the one for you. You can upload photos, add messages, add video links, customize the style, and share your calendar. You even have the option to edit the calendar at any point. This app is free to download and use on Android and Apple products.

#8. Turchen

Turchen (“small door” in German) is another DIY Advent calendar. It is easy to use as you decorate your calendar with pictures, videos, messages, or GIFs. Once you have created your calendar then you can share it with any of your friends. You also have the ability to edit your calendar at any point.

#9. Advent My Friend

Like the two Advent calendars listed above, you can design your own using Advent My Friend. The main difference between the three is that this one is an online Advent calendar to be accessed on the Web. You can either choose to design your calendar like a demo that is provided or you can start from scratch and create your own. With the creation of your calendar, you can choose the name, background image, and other options. Once you are finished with your creation then you can share it among friends.

Written by: Megan Williams

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