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Why Social Media 4 Seniors?

Why not? That’s my “go-to” answer when I’m asked why I started Social Media 4 Seniors! Then I go into more detail of course! My own mother needed help with her devices, I saw that. I also saw how many other seniors were needing help when I was a Principal and we had seniors coming in to work with our students. They all had questions and there was no where to go for the answers! Families are busy and family members often don’t have the patience needed to teach because of their busy lives. We get it!  And often times, any help a senior could get wasn’t “teaching” them how to use their device, it was taking the device and fixing the problem and handing it back. So…as an educator, I created classes and curriculum and we TEACH seniors how to use their devices…we don’t just fix device problems, we empower our seniors to learn to fix them on their own. In fact, we also work with clients privately on just about anything technology related in their homes! Teaching as we work! There is a huge need for our services and we are here to fill that need and we love teaching! That’s why!!

If you have a senior in your life who needs instruction on how to use their smartphone or tablet, or how to use different social media sites to stay connected, or any technology need, we can help them! Contact us today!

Social Media 4 Seniors from Jennifer on YouTube.