Mint: The Ultimate Budgeting App

Do you want to stick to budgets better, but you have no idea where to start? If you are nervous about setting up your budgets, then Mint is exactly what you need. Since this is an app you can download, you have all your budgets with you wherever you go. It makes it that much easier to track your expenses. Whenever you are out and about, you can easily check to see if your purchase will be within your budget or not.

When you create a Mint account, you link your bank account information directly to the app. This allows the application to track your income and expenses. If you are worried about the safety of your information, you do not have to be. Mint participates in security scanning to help ensure the safety of your information. Another safety factor Mint has in place is multi-factor authentication. On the app you not only have your password, but you also have a unique 4-digit code that only allows you to access your account. If your phone uses facial recognition, then the app will also use that feature as a form of protection.

My favorite feature of the Mint app, is the ability to create budgets that I actually stick to. Within the app, I chose budgets I wished to create and track each month. Once I chose a topic, I created a dollar amount I wanted to stick to every month. After I finished creating my budgets, Mint automatically tracks the money I spend and places the amount in a specific category. This allows me to easily see where I have spent the majority of my money each month. With this app, you can easily choose the budgeting areas you wish to focus on. The app provides you with a huge list of categories to choose from. Mint also alerts you anytime you are over a specific budget for the month.

Mint also has the capability to track your bills. You can link the payments you need to make each month and set a time and date you want them to be paid. This will prevent you from ever experiencing another late fee. You can also set up bill reminders, alerts, low fund warnings, and unusual spending warnings.

If you wish to figure out what your credit score is, then Mint can tell you for free. Mint will tell you your credit report summary instantly. The app will also explain how your credit score is calculated and help you make improvements if needed. You can also sign up for alerts anytime TransUnion receives new information.

Mint is also the perfect app to help you invest in your future. You can set up multiple investment accounts like 401(k), mutual funds, brokerage accounts, and IRAs. Mint will even tell you your investment style and help you invest in the way that’s right for you.

If you want to start budgeting better this year, then Mint is the right app for you! It provides an easy layout that is helpful for learning how to budget better. It makes your experience fun and enjoyable. It’s all the features of a bank right on your phone!

Written by: Megan Williams

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