How to Share the WiFi Password With One Tap on Your iPhone:

Have you ever welcomed several guests into your home and they are all asking what your WiFi password is? It may not be a big deal, but if you don’t remember what the password is then it could be frustrating. Thankfully there is a much easier way to share your WiFi password with others without having to look it up every single time.

For this trick to work, you need to make sure to turn on the WiFi and Bluetooth on both iPhones. Both phones will also need to have at least the iOS version 11. Once you have everything set up the way it is supposed to, then you can follow the steps below!

Step #1: Have your friend go into the Settings app and “WiFi.” Then they will need to choose the network option that you are connected to.

Step #2: When your friend is trying to connect, you will get a pop-up notification asking if you would like to share your password.

Step #3: Tap “Share Password.” and hold the two phones close together.

That is all it takes to share your WiFi password!

Written by: Megan Williams

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