Calculate Your Tip Amount Using a Shortcut on Your iPhone:

Calculate Your Tip Amount Using a Shortcut on Your iPhone:

Calculating a 10% tip is easy, but if you are trying to calculate a 13 or 17 percent tip, then you will probably struggle. You could write out the math or use your calculator, but what if there was an iPhone shortcut that calculated the tip automatically?

Apple recently introduced the Calculate Tip shortcut you can download using the Shortcuts App. This shortcut will tell you how much your tip should be and what your total amount is.

Follow the steps below to activate this shortcut!

Step #1: Download the Shortcuts app and open it.

Step #2: Tap “Gallery.”

Step #3: Type in “Tip” and select “Calculate Tip” from the suggestions.

Step #4: Tap “Get Shortcut.”

Step #5: Once the shortcut is downloaded, you will find it in the “Library” section of the app.

Step #6: Enter your bill amount and tap “OK.”

Step #7: Select the tip percentage you wish to provide.

After you have completed all the steps, the shortcut will tell you the exact top amount and then give you the total amount of your bill.

Written by: Megan Williams

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