Google Home Mini or Amazon Echo Dot

Are you in the market for a smart-home device? It can definitely be confusing when it comes to choosing which device would work best for you. Thankfully there are only two main companies that are worth checking into. Google and Amazon are the top companies when it comes to smart-home devices. The Google Home Mini may be newer, but it is quickly becoming Amazon’s competition. At $49, the Google Home Mini comes with device integrations and the ability to sync to home that is equipped with Google Home. The Amazon Echo Dot may be $50, but it is on its 3rd generation so you know that you will be getting a smart-home device that is truly amazing. Both of these are great devices so listed below is an in-depth look at each of these to compare which one is better.


Even though both of these devices are easy to use, small, and include a smart assistant, there are some differences that set them apart.

Since the Echo Dot is on its 3rd generation, it comes with improved audio and sound quality. It also comes equipped with advanced Bluetooth audio support, an audio jack, and seven far-field microphones that allow for better voice detection. The Echo Dot has the ability to connect to a larger speaker if you wish to get more sound.

The Google Home Mini has Bluetooth support, but it does not have an audio jack. It also only has two far-field microphones for voice detection compared to the Echo Dot’s seven. However, the Google Home does come with Chromecast and Chromecast Audio integrated into the device.


When it comes to the design aspect of these two devices, they could not be more different. The Echo Dot is a very compact device that allows it to go unnoticed in your home. It does have a blue and orange LED status ring that makes it a little more noticeable. It comes in charcoal, heather grey, or sandstone.

Google went the complete opposite direction when they designed the Google Home Mini. They wanted it to be completely noticeable in the home so they created multiple textured covers that allow the device to stand out.


Since Amazon has been making their smart-home devices longer, it makes sense that they have had time to build a strong connection system with their devices.

Both of these devices have the ability to connect to and control other devices in the home such as power outlets, smart locks, and other smart-home aspects.

These devices also both share the ability to deliver news, recipes, sports information, weather information, reservation bookings, and more.

Audio Output:

Audio output is something that both of these devices do well, but the Echo Dot was created to be more of a device that you connect to a larger speaker. The Echo Dot also provides a audio jack that you can plug other devices into to stream music. The speaker also allows for a sound that is loud and rich.

The Google Home Mini has a loud speaker as well, but does run into some issues with the treble. At some points there can be too much treble which can cause the sound to be harsh. Luckily there are equalizer buttons that allow you to control the treble and the bass.

Each of these devices comes with its own specializations and features. Before you purchase either one, it is important that you research each one to decide which device suits your needs the best.

Written  by: Megan Williams

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