What if Brain Fitness Really Does Slow Cognitive Decline?

Many research studies show that brain fitness can help slow cognitive decline.  There are countless number of apps that can help keep the brain sharp, with new apps available every day.  Learning how to use an iPad, tablet, or smartphone and exercising your brain using some of these apps, is just one way you can help slow cognitive decline.

Dr. Denise Park, a neuroscientist at the University of Texas at Dallas decided to do some research on the participation of basic activities vs. learning new skills.  She randomly assigned 200 older people to different activities.  The groups spent 15 hours a week for three months participating in the research. They were given memory tests and compared with several control groups.  Park’s research was published in the journal of Psychological Science and showed that not all activities are created equal.  Only people who learned a new skill had significant gains. Learning new skills strengthen the connections between parts of your brain, and challenging activities can strengthen entire networks in the brain!  So why not learn a new skill such as using an iPad/Tablet or smartphone?   iPads/Tablets and smartphones are wonderful technology tools that offer so many choices for exercising the brain!

By:  Jennifer Dancu

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