Social Media 4 Seniors has joined the One Call Club

Social Media 4 Seniors has joined the One Call Club

Have you heard of the One Call Club? It’s a program through the Office on Aging that provides the seniors of Knoxville with a one-call referral service. Sometimes it can be difficult and time consuming to research different services on your own, but the One Call Club makes maintaining your hectic life and home easy.

By paying an annual membership fee, you can have quick, reliable connections that the One Call Club offers. They partner with prescreened services, like our staff here at Social Media 4 Seniors, and can arrange the services you need fast.

Whether you’re in need of appliance repair, arranging transportation, personal care services, pet-walking services, or computer or smartphone troubleshooting or training, Cne Call can connect you with a professional and reliable reference. Social Media 4 Seniors is excited to be a recommended partner for the One Call Club alongside many wonderful groups in our Knoxville Community. We believe this program is an extraordinary resource and look forward to helping members of the One Call Club with their technology needs.

For more information on the One Call Club, go to:   or call 865-595-3006.



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