Set a timer for your music

Set a timer for your music

Sometimes it seems like we can never fall asleep. No matter what we do, we can’t get ourselves to fall asleep. This gets annoying very quickly because I always feel tired after a bad night of sleep.

After trying several different things, I have figured out that softly playing music in the background actually helps me fall asleep. This gives me a background noise that is not distracting and it also helps block out other noises that I cannot control.

I used to let my music play all night long, until I figured out that I can actually set a timer for it. Setting a timer allows me to fall asleep easily and then my phone automatically turns off my music for me. If you wish to try out this trick then follow the steps below!

Step #1: Open the “Clock” app

Step #2: Tap “Timer”

Step #3: Tap “When Timer Ends”

Step #4: Choose “Stop Playing” and select the amount of time you want your music to play.

Written by: Megan Williams

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