Make your iPhone battery last longer with these tricks:

Have you every looked down at your phone only to realize it’s about to die again? You definitely don’t want to have to carry a phone charger with you wherever you go. Thankfully there are some easy tricks to make sure you get the most out of your battery life.

The first trick is to be aware of your location service. With an iPhone, you have the unique ability to choose if you want the app to locate your phone never, only while using the app, or always. If you have chosen always, this will drain your battery because your phone is constantly updating it’s location for that specific app. Make sure to choose “While Using the App.”

Watching for push notifications is the second trick to watch out for. If you have your notifications turned on for an app, your phone will be using a lot of battery to update the app throughout the day. However, you can choose to turn them off or to only show them on specific screens.

Another trick to save your battery is using a black or dark wallpaper as your screensaver. If you have a bright wallpaper, your phone will be using it’s battery to “light up” each individual pixel of your wallpaper. If you choose a dark background, your phone will use less battery to light up your screen.

Using airplane mode is definitely a great way to save your battery life. When it is turned off, your iPhone will always try to connect to a cellular network wherever you go. However, putting your phone on airplane mode will prevent this from happening. You need to be aware that your phone will not receive calls or make calls when airplane mode is turned on.

Turning your display and brightness down will also help save your battery. The brighter your screen, the more battery your phone will use to light up your screen.

Now you are aware of a few tricks to help you save your battery!

Written by: Megan Williams

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