How to set up your Google Home Mini

Have you recently bought a Google Home Mini, but now you’re stuck with trying to set it up? There are multiple factors that go into setting it up which can make it seem confusing. Once you read this article, you will be able to set up your Google Home Mini with no problem. Resetting your Google Home Mini can also be hard to figure out. You will also find a section in this article dedicated to explaining how to reset your Mini if you wish to do so.

Setting up your Google Home Mini:

Before you start setting up your Google Home Mini, you need to make sure that your Wifi signal is strong enough. Once you have a strong Wifi connection, then you will need to download the Home app onto your smartphone. There will be virtual assistants on the app that can help guide you through the process.

To set up your Mini, you will also need a Google account because everything will run through that account. If you have a Google account already, then the set up process will be much easier.

The next step in this process is connecting your Google Home Mini to your Wifi. Ideally, you should connect your Google Home Mini to the same Wifi connection as your other smart home devices.

Once you connect your Mini to the Wifi, then you will be able to choose the language you want your Mini to have. You will also be given the option to connect additional speakers. After this easy setup, all future activities will run through Google Assistant.

Resetting your Google Home:

You may need to reset your Mini for any number of reasons, but either way it can be difficult to figure out. Resetting your Google Home Mini will allow you to set up your device like new from the very beginning. To reset your Mini, you will need to locate the rest button on the bottom of your device, near the power cable. Once you find the button, then you will need to press and hold it down until it resets.

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