All you need to know about the iPhone Xs and the iPhone Xr

Apple is one of the leading companies for smartphones. They are always introducing an iPhone that is bigger and better than the previous model. The iPhone X seemed to be the best iPhone they had created in a long time, but then Apple released the iPhone Xs and the iPhone XR. These two models contain the best features of the iPhone X, but then they also include new and improved options. Below you will find a breakdown of the two newest phones released by Apple.

iPhone Xs:

Apple went above and beyond when they released the iPhone Xs because there are two different sizes of this model to choose from. You can choose the iPhone Xs or the iPhone Xs Max which is the largest display ever on an iPhone. Both models come with the same amazing features. When you choose this model, you will be getting a phone that has the most accurate color display, the most durable glass, and a new color to choose from.

Choosing this model will also give you faster face identification. With this model, you can unlock your phone, log into apps, and pay for things simply by using your face. Apple has also stepped up their game by making this more secure.

This new model comes fully equipped with a dual-camera system. This new camera system will give you more definition and color accuracy in each photo that you take. When using portrait mode on the camera, you will even have the ability to control the blurriness of the background.

iPhone Xr:

With the release of the iPhone Xr, Apple also released the all new liquid retina display. This new display feature allows the screen to stretch from one end of the phone to the other giving you the best color display you will ever get in a phone. Even though the screen is much bigger, you will not have to worry about breaking it because Apple ensured this screen is the most durable glass you will find. This iPhone also comes in six different colors to choose from.

Just like the iPhone Xs, you will have access to the face identification feature to unlock your phone, log into apps, and pay for things. This is a safe and fast feature that is easy to use.

The camera on this iPhone is amazing. With the improved portrait mode, you will attain a professional looking portrait with a blurred background and you will also have the ability to control the blurriness.

Both of these new iPhones are truly amazing. Each one comes with its own beautiful display and unique features. Now it is up to you to decide which iPhone is the one for you.

Written by: Megan Williams

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