4 apps to help you learn English

Being competent in English can be a hard task for anyone, especially if it is your second language. Learning a new language can also be intimidating. You may be hesitant to take a class somewhere because you find it difficult to dedicate enough time to it. With today’s technology, you have have the ability to learn a new language straight from your Android or iPhone. Below are the best 8 apps you can download to help you feel confident with a new language.

#1. Duolingo

Duolingo is a completely free app for Android and iPhone users. If you are learning a new language from the beginning, then this is the app for you. To begin using this app, you will choose your native language and then choose the language you wish to learn. You will have the choice of learning from the beginning or taking a placement test to assess your skills in that language. You will work through each section individually and you will unlock new sections once you have successfully completed one. When you are working on a section, it will appear in color and when you have fully completed a section, it will turn gold. You will encounter different types of exercises like pictures, translation exercises, listen-and-write exercises, and multiple choice questions.

#2. Hello English

Hello English allows you to either learn English from the beginning or improve the skills you already have. You will be a pro at English because you learn skills in grammar, spelling, vocabulary, reading, and others. To start using this app, you will be asked to choose your native language and then asked to take a small test to assess your English skills. Once you take the test, you will be given 475 interactive lessons to work through. The beginning levels are free and then after you complete the harder levels, you will be presented with coins to unlock more lessons. The Practice tab also provides with different games to progress your English learning.  This app is free for Android and iOS users.

#3. Beelingapp

This app is different from the others listed above because it uses audiobooks to help you learn. You simply select a book in the language you wish to learn and read text in your language will appear side-by-side with the language you are learning. This app is free to use, but there is also a subscription that is available.

#4. Flowlingo

When you learn a language using Flowlingo, you will be immersed in content in that new language. Once you select a language you wish to learn, websites, videos, newspapers, music, and books will appear in that language. If you choose a book to read, then you will have the ability to select the difficulty level from Basic to Max. If you choose Basic, then every word in the book will also have a translation. If you choose Max, then no translations will be provided. You can listen and read along when you are watching a video. Flowlingo is free for Android and iOS users.

If you are afraid to take a class on learning English, you now learn this language in the comfort of your home. Any of these four apps will help you become more confident in your English skills.

Written by: Megan Williams

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