The best ways to download videos from Instagram

Instagram video allows you or your friends to upload their creations for others to share. These videos also allow you to view content for a longer period of time instead of the normal 10-15 seconds for an Instagram Story. You can mainly access these videos through the Instagram app, but what if you wanted to download them to watch later or to share with friends? Thankfully there are seven easy ways to download these videos.

#1. Video Downloader for Instagram

Available for Android users, Video Downloader is an app that specializes in downloading Instagram videos. This app is one of the easiest for you to use. It allows you to download and/or repost videos from Instagram with one simple tap. Once you download a video using this app you can easily find it in your phone’s gallery app.


IFTTT is not an app, but an applet that is available to Android users, iOS users, and Web users. In order to access this applet, you will need an IFTTT account, Instagram account, and a Dropbox account. This may seem like a lot of details, but it will automatically add any Instagram video that you add or like into your Dropbox folder.

#3. PostGraber

PostGraber is an Instagram tool that is available on the web. This one is special because is can download all of the photos and videos that are associated with a single post all at once. To be able to download a video you will need the URL of the Instagram post you want to download. Once you are on the PostGraber website, paste the Instagram video URL onto the PostGraber website and click “Go”. That is all you have to do because the web app will do everything else for you.

#4. Dredown

Another web application for you to use is Dredown, AKA Instadown. For this web app to work you will need the URL from the Instagram video you want to download. Once you have the URL, you will paste it into the box and click “Dredown”. The best part of Dredown is that it works with other social media besides Instagram. You can also download content from YouTube, Facebook, Keek, Twitter, Twitch, Vine, Vimeo, Metacafe, Vevo, Kohtakte, and Tumblr.

#5. Regrammer

Regrammer is an iOS app that is completely free to download and use. You will need the URL from the Instagram video you want to download. Once you have the URL, open the Regrammer app and paste the URL, and click “Preview”.

#6. OG Instagram

OG Instagram is available for Android users, but it is not available in the Google Play Store. To access this app, you will have to sideload the app onto you Android device. With OG Instagram you will not only be able to download videos, but you will also be able to follow hashtags, use two accounts on the same device, view the profile picture of users, and share URLs to external apps.

#7. Gramblast

The last way to download Instagram videos is through another web app. Like all of the other web apps, you will need the URL from the Instagram video and then paste it into the Gramblast web app and click “Download”.

With these seven applications listed above, you can now confidently go and download Instagram videos without any trouble.

Written by: Megan Williams

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