The best grocery apps to save you time and money:

The best grocery apps to save you time and money:

The errand we love and hate: grocery shopping. While it is definitely a necessity, standing in those long lines is not fun. Not to mention the trouble of figuring out exactly where your one item is in the store.

Thankfully with all the new technology, there’s an app that makes things extremely easy. These apps not only allow you to create a grocery list on your phone, but some of them even help you find coupons for exactly what you need.

#1: Flipp

This app is ranked at the top of the list because it matches coupons from your favorite brands. It will easily find the coupons you need while you shop. Flipp also offers the weekly ads from other retailers.

#2: MealBoard:

If you struggle with organizing recipes and your grocery list then this app is exactly what you need. It will manage all of your recipes for you. It will even keep track of your grocery list. You can even figure out what you do and do not have in your pantry.

#3: AnyList:

AnyList is another app that is perfect for those who struggle with organization. It will keep everything perfectly organized for you so you don’t have to worry about a thing. This app also allows you to share your grocery list with anyone. This way you won’t forget anything that’s needed.

#4: Grocery iQ:

Grocery iQ is a wonderful app because it helps you shop smarter. You can easily scan the bar code of any product by using your phone’s camera. Scanning this bar code will allow the app to remember what you purchased so it’s easier to add these items to your next grocery list.

#5: Out of Milk:

The best part about this app is it’s “Pantry List” feature. This feature will tell you exactly when your stock of certain items is low. This will prevent you from ever running out of anything, hence the name of the app.

You never have to worry about grocery shopping being difficult again! Each one of these apps provides a unique feature that you will totally love.

Written by: Megan Williams

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