Learn how to block spam calls on your iPhone

Don’t you love those random phone calls that you get from telemarketers? Unfortunately, these phone calls get even worse as the holiday season gets closer. Lucky for you there’s an easy way to block these numbers and prevent them from ever calling you again. If you have an iPhone with the iOS 11 update, you will also have access to automatic spam identification. This feature might seem wonderful, but it doesn’t automatically block the phone numbers. You need a third party app to do that for you.


Truecaller is a free app for you to download. It will need some of your information before you can fully use the app, but once you put in that information you are good to go. This app will not only identify spam numbers, but it will also allow you to block those numbers. You can even look up the contact information of anyone by simply typing in their phone number,


If you don’t life giving your information out to any app, then Nomorobo is the app you need to download. It may not need any information, but it will require a $1.99 monthly subscription. This app will be able to differentiate between phone calls that you need to answer and phone calls that you can ignore because they are spam numbers. When a spam phone number contacts you, you will have the option of blocking the number or simply identifying it and sending the number straight to voicemail.


This is another free app that you can download. Like the two apps listed above, Hiya will identify spam calls that are coming in. This app even allows you to make calls straight from the app and customize your caller ID. You can even look up phone numbers from this app to identify if they are spam, a scam, or any other inappropriate callers.

How to enable these spam blocking apps:

After you download one of these spam blocking apps, you will need to go into the Settings app on your phone to enable the app. Follow the steps below to make sure the app is working.

#1. Open the Settings app on your iPhone

#2. Click the “Phone” option

#3. Click “Call Blocking and Identification”

#4. Click the switch button that is next to “Call Blocking App”

Turning on this switch will enable spam blocking app and it will identify any spam apps that come into your phone.

Written by: Megan Williams

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