Everything You Need to Know About the Apple Watch Series 4:

“Fundamentally redesigned and re-engineered to help you stay even more active, healthy, and connected,” is how Apple describes their all new Apple Watch. If Apple made every aspect of their Watch better, then this will be the best one yet. If you have been debating the purchase of an Apple Watch, then this is a need for you.

This all new Apple Watch set the standard for smartwatches across all categories. You will have access to the largest Apple Watch display yet. The best part about the bigger screen is that it does not compromise the battery life. Apple stated that this new screen is over 30% larger than the previous model. Curved corners were also introduced on this model. This new design makes the appearance even more pleasing. The imagery and touch surface extend to the edges of the screen. Since the screen is larger, Apple redesigned their interface to provide you with even more detail. You will have the ability to accommodate up to eight complications.

Apple even re-invented their heart sensor to make it more accurate. They incorporated a new electrical heart sensor that allows you to generate an electrocardiogram at any time and share it with your doctor. With this new heart sensor, the watch will track your heart rate and alert you of any abnormalities. All of your health information can still be found in the Health App.

This new Apple Watch can also detect when you have fallen thanks to an all new accelerometer and gyroscope. If you were seriously injured from your fall, the watch allows you to make an emergency service call. If your fall caused you to be unresponsive for longer than 60 seconds, then the Apple Watch will automatically make that call and your location will be shared. The best part about this feature, is its ability to share your emergency information without your phone near you.

The Apple Watch Series 4 can help you get into the best shape of your life. With the Workout app, you can set individual goals, measure your calorie burn, and track your overall progress. If you are a runner, then you will love this watch. New alerts notify you if you are ahead of your pace or behind. You can also control your music or podcasts straight from your watch.

If you love competitions, then you will love this watch even more. You now have the ability to invite a friend to a seven-day contest. You will earn points based on the percentage of your daily Activity rings you close. Throughout the competition, you will be notified if you are ahead of or behind your competitor. To give you more motivation to win, you will receive a trophy for each victory you achieve.

If you weren’t in love with the Apple Watch Series 4 before reading this, then I bet you are now! The features listed above are just the high points of the new watch and there are even more features than that. It’s only a matter of time before you grab one for yourself!

Written by: Megan Williams

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