5 Alarm Clock Apps to Get You Out of Bed in the Morning

Sometimes no matter what we do, we can’t bring ourselves to get out of bed in the morning. If you are extremely tired in the morning, that could be the hardest part of your day. It is definitely too easy to hit the snooze button in the morning. If you struggle to wake up then you need one of these alarm clock apps.

#1: Cuckuu

Cuckuu isn’t just an alarm click. It also has the ability to remind you to do anything. It can handle waking you up in the morning along with handling your daily to-do list. You can create an event to either be secret, share it, or have it be public. If your account is public, other users of the app can send you encouraging messages to help you meet your goals. If you are an Apple user, the app can also access your Apple Watch. Luckily this app is completely free for Android and Apple users.

#2: Wakie Chat

Wakie Chate takes a completely different approach to waking you up in the morning. Instead of waking you up with a sound, you wake up to a live video chat from a complete stranger. It may seem odd, but this communication is an effective way to wake up your brain in the morning. All you have to do is select a specific time you want to be woken up by a call. No need to worry about your privacy, because your personal information is always kept safe. This app is available to Android and Apple users.

#3: Snoozle

Snoozle follows in the footsteps of Wakie Chat by waking you up to encouraging voice messages from friends and family. These messages will automatically delete after you hear them, but this means you will wake up to something completely new each morning. You can also create messages for other users to hear. If you have trouble falling asleep, you can use Snoozle Lullabies to help you calm down.

#4: WakeMe

Instead of waking up to encouraging voice messages, WakeMe users personalized videos from friends and family. Use the app by choosing a time, date, and reason for your alarm. You can select the friends and family you wish to receive video messages from. Your friends and family will have the ability to create videos up to 15 seconds in length. You will start each morning with a smile after receiving your personalized message.

#5: Galarm

Galarm is a good app if you want social and non-social alarm features. You can set an alarm or reminder for yourself or you can choose to have a friend join in on your alarm. The friend you choose will also be notified when your alarm or reminder goes off. They can even nudge you if you missed the notification. You can even create group alarms for multiple users.

These apps provide a new and exciting way to be woken up in the morning. Hopefully they will make your mornings just a little bit easier.

Written by: Megan Williams

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