Thank you so much for all your help! When I take my next class, I hope to impress you with all I’m learning. Yesterday I set up a group e-mail for my 10 Grandkids ages 21-34. I gave them the name ***** Grandkids. Well within 30 minutes they all responded to the group! I was thrilled to see it! Thanks for the motivation!
Shirley W
Tellico Village
We are an older couple who, in an understatement, are not technically savvy. Two years ago we decided that if we were going to learn to use smart phones we had better start immediately or it might be too late. We heard good things about Jennifer Dancu at a senior citizen’s center, and were so impressed after her first iPhone instruction in our home that we began to take lessons on all of our electronic devices from her. Our grandchildren were most impressed with our early progress: “Is that you Granddad? Did you just text me? Really!” We have learned to be more proficient with our laptop, tablet, bluetooth, ROKU, Netflix, in addition to the smart phone. She has been particularly helpful with our smart phone photography, including taking, editing, sending, and printing pictures.  Not only does she have the technological knowledge, she is a superb teacher—patient and cheerful, always making sure that we can perform a task ourselves. On the rare occasion when she doesn’t know how to solve one of our problems, she researches until she finds the answer—she enjoys the challenge of finding solutions to problems. One of our daughters is envious of us, wishing that her mother-in-law in Missouri had someone like Jennifer to help her. I suggested to Jennifer that she name her business, Guru for Geezers. She quickly and wisely decided to keep Social Media 4 Seniors. Clint and Phyllis
Clint & Phyllis A.
Social Media 4 Seniors instructors have been a HUGE asset here at Sherrill Hills Retirement Community! They hold monthly sessions for both Apple and Android smartphone and tablet users, as well as assisting residents privately from help with computers to wi-fi issues to setting up new social media accounts, the list goes on! Potential residents are thrilled to hear that a service like this exists! Thank you Social Media 4 Seniors for helping our residents at Sherrill Hills!
Sandy Simpson, Senior Living Consultant
When Computer Depot recommended Jennifer Dancu to me in November 2016 I was skeptical of the name she uses.  Sure, I'm a senior.  But I have NO interest in social media, and I thought I already knew my way around a computer.  I'd used personal computers to earn my living for years.  But now I was tied up in knots.  Somehow I'd lost my software and precious files I'd spent years to create and upload to a huge website.  I couldn't find a thing on my laptop.  A so-called expert had swapped out my hard drive and "upgraded" my computer to an unfamiliar version of Windows.  I thought the situation totally hopeless, and I dreaded having to learn to use a brand new computer and to start over from scratch.
But Jennifer heard my story and declared that I could be saved.  I spent absolutely nothing on new hardware or software.  She replaced my hard drive, found and backed up my old files, rearranged my desktop, restored a earlier version of Windows, and patiently taught me how to reuse my computer.  In short, she saved my life.  She never claimed to be an expert on hardware, file restoration, desktop restructuring, or tutoring, but she is a master of all these things.  I still think that the name "Social Media 4 Seniors" understates the many services she can provide to clients of any age.  I would recommend Jennifer to anyone whose home computer no longer works as it should.  I know nothing about Mac computers and iPhones, but I trust Jennifer completely, and -- if she tells you she can fix your Apple as she fixed my PC -- it must be so.  
Ted L.
A few years back I wanted to learn how to communicate on Social Media.  If you want to keep up with family, friends, or business this way of communication has become a Must Do!  I started searching for ways to educate myself on this complex new world, and found an immediate solution in Jennifer Dancu. To date there is no other person or source that can do what she has done for me.  Jennifer can teach you the basics of communicating with an iPhone or your computer. She has a wide range of offerings including in depth education with Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Youtube and other platforms.  I find her knowledge and skills to be invaluable to me and what I am trying to accomplish. I highly recommend Jennifer for all your social media needs!
Stay Connected Folks.....
Ken W. Knoxville, TN
In an attempt to stay connected in the technologically challenging world we live in I have bought every device known to man.  The ongoing issue was that I really didn't know how to use any of them.  I was overwhelmed by it all.  I took classes and bought books but none of that worked.  I then saw that there was a class given by Jennifer at the Fairfield Glade Community Center and I knew I had nothing to lose.  This was the BEST thing i ever did!  Jennifer has a unique way of connecting with people and making them feel they can do all of this and due to her passion for teaching and technology Jennifer really does make this happen.  There were three of us in the class and we all arrived looking like "deer in headlights"  We left feeling confident and having learned an extraordinary amount in this two day course.....and had fun!  Thanks to Jennifer these "smart devices" no longer will be smarter than we are 🙂 Sandi C. Fairfield Glade, TN.
Sandi C.
After my stroke I was unable to remember numbers.  I felt helpless on the computer.  I found Jennifer at Social Media 4 Seniors and my world changed immediately.  Jennifer set my computer so I can remember my IDs, passwords, my iPad, my cell phone, etc.  When any computer change needs to be done, Jennifer comes to my home.   She teaches me that I am still smart and able to continue with a good life after the stroke. I feel that she is my good friend no matter what!! Judith K. Retired Navy Nurse MSN, MA,MS, BSN, ADN
Judith K.
I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the Facebook class 4 Seniors. It is so rewarding to know a teacher is designing a class for adult learners in technology. As a retired teacher I know how important it is to design a curriculum to meet the specific needs of the learner. Your instruction opened the door for me to get "on board" and you left me with resources and a "call you" if I should need private instruction. Thank You for the work and opportunities you are providing.
Kris S.
Knoxville, TN
Thank You!!!! The Facebook class taught me so many things I did not know about settings and dangers. I joined Facebook back in 2009, but never knew many of the functions that I learned in your class. To me your class was like taking driver education. Thanks for teaching me many of the rules of the "Facebook" road that I never knew. It will hopefully keep me out of the ditches!!!
Rick S.
Knoxville, TN
Props to you Jennifer! Thank you so much for coming back out to my home and helping me get my tablet back up and running! I'm doing really well now and I love the new apps that we found together. I especially love all of the new music I'm listening to on Pandora. Thank you so much for helping people like me!
Yvonne P.
Knoxville, TN
A perfect teacher!
Owen L.
Knoxville, TN
Jennifer was so wonderful in the iPad/iPhone Basics workshop that I attended. She really knows how to work with seniors. She is patient, knowledgeable, and very in tune with our needs. I learned so much and I'm eager to attend the advanced workshop that she is teaching! Thank you so much for offering this!
Joan A.
Knoxville, TN
Jennifer has been so instrumental in helping me to learn the basics of Facebook so that I can keep in touch with my children and grandchildren. I love getting to see the pictures they post and keeping up with what they are doing. I feel like they live down the street instead of 300 miles away! Thank you!
Sharon R.

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