Dr. Paul Nussbaum


The human brain is the single greatest miracle ever designed and it sits right between our ears. Neuroscience has taught us that the brain can be shaped for health regardless of age and that “novel and complex” information is particularly good for the brain.

I am most pleased to learn that Jennifer is a champion of lifelong learning for older persons and that she understands the power of using mobile devices to stimulate and facilitate such learning.

Rosetta Stone FitBrains is a wonderful company that provides fun, engaging, novel and complex brain fitness exercises that I encourage everyone to do on a daily basis. While Fitbrains is not a clinical intervention, it is one way of engaging the brain in the power of learning and will help to shape your brain for health across your lifespan. We refer to such shaping of the brain for health as building “brain resilience.”

As a voice for brain health over the past 15 years, I thank Jennifer for her great work and I want to reinforce all of you who are actively engaged in a Brain Health Lifestyle ® that includes a daily brain fitness workout with FitBrains.

Dr. Nussbaum
Board Certified Clinical Psychology
Chief Scientific Officer: FitBrains
President Brain Health Center
(724) 719-2833

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