How to Share Podcast Episodes:

Have you ever finished a podcast and wished there was a way you could send it to a friend? Well lucky you because there is a way! You can share specific episodes straight from the Podcasts app.

How to Share a Podcast in Your Library:

#1. Open the Podcasts app

#2. Tap on “Library”

#3. Select the Podcast you want to share

#4. Tap the purple “…” button

#5. Tap “Share”

How to Share a Specific Podcast Episode:

#1. Open the Podcasts app

#2. Open your “Library”

#3. Find the Podcast you wish to share an episode from

#4. Tap the specific episode you want to share so it starts playing

#5. Open the “Now Playing” screen

#6. Tap the button “…” in the bottom right-hand corner of your screen

#7. Select “Share Episode” to choose how to share the episode

Now you can successfully share any Podcast episode with anybody!

Written by: Megan Williams

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