Do you know how to start Emergency SOS on your iPhone?

If you were ever in an unsafe situation, would you know how to trigger Emergency SOS on your iPhone? Hopefully you will never be in a situation like that, but it is important to know just in case. Thankfully, Apple makes it extremely easy to start this feature without having to look at your screen or talk to another person. All it takes is pressing a few buttons on your phone.

If you have an iPhone that runs on iOS 12 or newer, when you trigger Emergency SOS you will not only be sending a call to emergency services, but you will also be sending out your location to 911.

The following steps explain how to start Emergency SOS on your iPhone.

Step #1: Press and hold the Side button on the right of your phone. At the same time, you will need to press and hold either volume button.

Step #2: Continue holding down BOTH buttons while the SOS emergency counts down.

Step #3: After the countdown, a sliding option will appear with a red button that says “SOS.” Swipe right on that button to activate the call.

Once you swipe on the icon, a countdown will begin and then a call to emergency services will follow.

If you have an iPhone 7 or older, then you will need to rapidly press the side button FIVE times to activate Emergency SOS.

Hopefully after reading these steps you will know what to do if you are ever in an unsafe situation. With your iPhone, you cal also set up Emergency Contacts in the Health App. Whenever you make an Emergency SOS call, your emergency contacts will also be notified of your situation.

Written by: Megan Williams

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