Do you have the best Alexa setting enabled?

Alexa is easily becoming one of the most common devices in homes. It is easy to use and provides answers to any of your questions. However, one downfall is that any time you want to ask a question, you have to say “Alexa”. But what do you do if you want to ask a follow-up question? Unfortunately, you have to say “Alexa” again before the question. Luckily, there’s a simple fix,all you have to do is turn on Follow-Up Mode.

Follow-Up Mode is definitely a feature that most Alexa owners do not even know about. Turning on this feature makes it easier to ask follow-up questions. It eliminates the need of repeating “Alexa” before you ask your question.

If you do not turn on Follow-Up Mode for example and asked “Alexa, what time is the game on?” and wanted to ask a follow-up question, you would have to say “Alexa, what channel is the game on?”. With Follow-Up Mode on, you can simply ask, “What channel is the game on?’.

This feature is doable thanks to the extended time that Alexa listens to you after an interaction. You will know that Alexa is still listening by the amount of time that the blue light remains on.

Turning on this feature may seem like something small, but it creates a big difference. Follow-Up Mode allows for easier interactions with Alexa. It turns difficult interactions into conversations.

Written by: Megan Williams

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