Seniors and Technology

A major concern for family caregivers is that seniors spend too much time alone.  Some seniors don’t mind being alone and find things to do to keep themselves entertained.  For others, being alone, along with a feeling of loneliness, can be detrimental.  Read more about ways to combat loneliness with technology.

Technology, when delivered appropriately, can be a tool to improve the quality of life for older adults. Read more about ways to bring technology into the life of a senior close to you!

Taking tech adoption to the nines! Find out how this senior living community is using Android tablets and smart devices with their residents.

Learn about 11 reasons why seniors should care about social media.

Computer labs no longer satisfy the requirements of tech-savvy residents! Read more about what senior living prospects are looking for today.


Scientific Studies

Research from the University of Texas at Dallas’ Center for Vital Longevity suggests that mobile devices may be able to help older adults learn new skills and keep them thinking clearly. Read More

A study conducted by Michigan State University has proven that seniors who use the internet are cutting down the number of older Americans with depression by 30%! Read More

A study from the American Psychological Association found that participation in social media sites can bolster cognitive health for seniors! Read More



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